Sunday, April 24, 2011

Haul: Lip Products

I'm not a huge lipgloss/lipstick wearer. I usually apply it just once when I'm finished my makeup, and I don't bother touching it up throughout the day. I've been meaning to get out of that and expand my lip product collection since I've really gotten into wearing brighter lipsticks lately.

I ended up Back to MAC'ing for MAC's Impassioned lipstick. Originally I had my eye on MAC's Morange lipstick, but they didn't have anything in stock!

At first I thought Impassioned would be similar to MAC's Girl About Town lipstick, but you'll notice in the swatches below that Girl About Town is more blue based, whereas Impassioned is described as "a bright hot pink that runs a little warmer, a little more orange-red tone to it. It has a super creamy finish, and it is ultra pigmented." (via Temptalia)

I feel like I'll get a lot more wear out of Impassioned, especially in the summer season.

At Shoppers Drug Mart, I ended up picking up two of the Annabelle Le Gloss Lip Shine lipglosses that were on sale for $4,99 each (regularly priced at $9.49 at Shoppers). I've had my eye on Missymiss l/g that launched with Annabelle's Day Dream collection. It's a nice creamy light orange/peachy gloss. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up very well on my lips - but it's okay because I bought it to wear over lipsticks anyways.

I've been in love with Annabelle's Lip Shine lipglosses ever since I received Breathless from XinaRox's giveaway that I had won a while back. I love the formula since it's not sticky at all and feels nice and smooth on my lips. So I ended up purchasing a back up of Breathless l/g. I wear it over almost all of my lipsticks.

Anyways, with that being said, a long time ago someone requested me to do a tutorial on this look I posted a while back, and I promised her I would.

This was like, literally months ago, and ever since then it's been constantly been on my mind that I need to do this tutorial because she requested it and I said I would. The other day I finally sat down and started filming a tutorial, but half way through my camera ran out of memory. *slams head against desk*

I'm going to attempt to film it again today, and hopefully I'll be more prepared, so look out for that!


Rai said...

Nice haul! I really like Impassioned.

Lais said...

What pretty lipstick colors! I love them. I am the same. I apply lipstick once and I really don't touch it up when it starts to fade. I have been getting better though. I have 4 shades of lipsticks in my purse. lol!

MEVISH said...

nice haul babe I love mac impassioned :)

makeupattitude said...

Impassioned looks wonderful..

socialitedreams said...

oh man, i REALLY want impassioned! been seeing it a lot lately and must have


Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

oh my gosh, impassioned is gorgeous!!!! how come i've never heard of it?! hiding under a rock is why...

i'm terrible and touching up makeup in general...almost NEVER do it

Is Annabelle sold in the states?

Sorry about the video snafu! can't wait to see the vid! :)

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