Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bitter Sweet, You're Gonna Be The Death Of Me!

Quick post.

Before work, as usual, I head over to Everything For A Dollar Store and pick up my usual chocolate/candy snack. What do I see in the cosmetic isle? L.A Colour cosmetic products! You couldn't believe my shock! Most of it was cleared out, but there was a good amount of stuff left!

I glanced quicky, but there were pigments in those weird bottles with the brush applicator lid, single eyeshadows, trio eyeshadows, and mascara.

Check it out, if you have one near you! I'm going to go look again tomorrow before work. (:


Halifax said...

Omg, Arezu. Gotta go to the store right after work today, hoping the stores here have the same thing :-) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you one of the Canadian bloggers too? Are you in Toronto as well?

Halifax said...

Did you get anything after all? I'm itching to try their stuff, but my store over here has none :-(

Gaby said...

I live in Quebec, but I went on a trip to Wildwood in September, ans I bought some shimmering eye color from LA Colors and a cream eyeshadow palette from Physicians Formula at a Dollar Tree! This is absolutely AMAZING! Yes, I do believe your shock! And we don't have Dollar Tree here in Quebec! And our Dollar Store doesn't sell great makeup like this! I'm so happy =D

KristineMarie said...

Don't pass up those LA Colors. I have done FAb looks with those cheap little deals;)

With your great features you should consider doing an Arabic look with pinks and bronzes. It would be simply stunning on you!

Great Blog;)