Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Downtown Haul

So on Saturday, I asked my sister come to with me to the Eaton Centre downtown Toronto because I needed to return some stuff from Hollister & Sephora (I hate doing returns but I had to). So while I was there me and my sister picked up a few stuff (at my expense of course, ha).

Here's what I hauled:

Some accessories from Forever 21

All from Forever 21 (all prices are approxement & in CDN):
Skinny jeans - $17.50
Coral summer dress - $12.50
Pale yellow racerback tank - $5.80

I love Forever 21 because they have trendy clothes at affordable prices. That coral dress is SO cute, and even though I don't really wear everyday dresses, I knew I would find someplace to wear this out.

Unfortunately, I hate having to go all the way to Eaton Centre to go to Forever 21, and everytime I go it's pretty packed and you have to dig cause all of the good stuff is gone, but there's one that's suppose to be opening up in Vaughn Mills, which is a lot closer to me - so I can't wait for that.

AND, when I was looking around at Forever 21, guess what I saw? The EXACT same dress that I bought for my prom. I paid $150 for my dress at Yaya & Co at Vaughn Mills, and the dress at Forever 21 was $35. Can you believe that? FML :|

My sister and I also stopped by the MAC store in Eaton Centre and hauled there also, this is what I got:

Soft Ochre p/p
4 pan palette
Satin Taupe e/s pan (x2 - one for me, and one for my sister)

I put myself on a budget before we went, but that didn't really work out, and on top of that, I hauled again too, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Also, I'm not sure when this was put into effect, but Sephora has put a 60 day limit on returns? When I went to go return something, the sales associate said that they had a new policy of 2 months for returns now, but that she'd still do it for me. Apparently there was too many people return products after a long time. Has anyone else heard about this?

Till later!


Rai said...

Oooh cute stuff!
lol. Well Forever 21 "mimics" a lot of clothing, that's why they stay getting sued. I LOVE F21 though! =D

Never heard about that for Sephora.
Then again I only bought online.

lindah said...

I'm going to try soft ochre p/p one day! GOSH I love F21 deals/steals!

and that dress on my post is so classy BUT slutty! I want it! xD I don't need it though so I'm going to hold out on buying it... ehhh :P

XINAR0X said...

Hey Gurly!

About the Posh brushes....
Check out the nearest locations online and call them. I've been to like 3 and they all had them. Try Pharmaplus as well.

LOVEVAS said...


GoldBeauty88 said...

Such a cute dress :) awesome haul hon x