Sunday, July 12, 2009

Honest Scrap Tag

I've seen a few bloggers complete this, so I thought it would be fun for you guys to know a little more about me (:

1) I can be a really rude person, but I think that only happens when I get comfortable with people.

2) No one can ever guess my background correctly. I'm from Afghanistan! I always get Indian, but I've also heard White, Spanish, Egyptian, Middle-Eastern, Italian, Pakistani, Irani, etc.. I always love hearing where people think I'm from.

3) I've always been self-conscious with my forehead. When I was younger someone pointed it out to me and said I shouldn't wear my hair in a ponytail cause my forehead is so big, and it's stuck with me ever since. Now when I go out I have to have my bangs down. When people say Rihanna or Tyra Banks have a big forehead, I never see it. :/

4) I love a good laugh. I'm always smiling or laughing, and I can laugh at things for days after. Stomach cramping-cheeks hurting-I-can't-breath type of laughs are my favouriteeee!

5) I'm diabetic. I was diagnosed in April of 2006 I believe? I kept having to pee a lot, and my math teacher thought that every time I asked to go to the washroom, I was just using it as an excuse to leave, so she called my mom and my mom finally made me go to the doctor. It's something that I'm still getting used to (even 3 years later) and that I definitely need to be on top of.

6) I'm a HUGE slacker when I'm getting ready to go out somewhere. For example, if I'm suppose to go out at 5pm, I'll take a shower at 12, do my make-up at 1, do my hair at 3, and then change and rush everything at 4. In between, I'll eat, watch T.V, go on the computer, I loaft a lot. If I did everything consecutively, it would take me an hour to get ready.

7) I'm always listening to music. I can't go a day without music. When I'm walking, on the bus, in the car, getting ready, whatever, I have to listen to music. I hate when my iPhone dies and I'm left without anything to listen to.

8) I always have to have my toe nails painted, even though I hardly show them, haha.

9) I hate people who use incorrect grammar. Your & you're are not the same, neither is there or their, were and we're, etc..

10) I love social sciences. Psychology, anthropology and sociology, I love learning about it and applying it to people I know, celebrities, etc..

I have a couple of hauls to post and some looks, so I'll be doing that this week. The only thing I need is my camera back, that way I can post wayyy better pictures. My camera phone sucks ass sometimes :/


Rai said...

I totally thought you were Indian! lol

I had to get tested for Diabetes a couple years ago, it was negative... but sometimes I still wonder if that was correct. =/

Vanessa said...

hi Arezu! how are you? sorry for the delayed reply, been so busy! I am just replying back to your brush cleaner question (how the Parian Spirit compares to a regular brush cleaner), I think all in all, it comes with its own canister you can clean your brushes in, and it has organic citrus oils that just dry your brushes in record time without having to wait hours for it to dry completely.

Halifax said...

In my culture, large forehead means smart/intelligent, so don't worry about it :-) My mom asked me to keep my bang down too, but I hardly can.
Just found your blog and lovely to know a bit more about you.

Chilli said...

I love reading Honest Scraps! Gives me a chance to get to know the blogger bit better.

You sound like a lovely girl. Your Afghanistani right do you speak Urdu or Hindi? or maybe Gujarati?

I'm Indian Muslim, and may I say you are GORGEOUS!

maria said...

wow, we are soo much alike!
and ur forehead is beyond gorgeous.
its so strange cuz i have sucha small forhead and actally wanna thread some hair off, just so it looks a bit bigger. weird aint it!

ur soo pretty and ur blogs make my day!