Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Haul & Officially Starting A No-Buy!

So the day after me and my sister hauled at Eaton Centre, (although it doesn't seem as I got much, but I take into account the money I spend to get there and back, food, etc..) we also went to Wal-Mart and picked up a few beauty essentials there also. Here's what I hauled:

  • Equate facial wipes
  • Quilted pads
  • Coppertone sunscreen
  • L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
  • SPAresources concealer brush
  • SPAresources medium eyeshadow brush
So after this, I decided to go on a no-buy. Basically, I'm not going to spend any money on anything that is not essential to me. Hopefully this will stop me from spending money on things I don't absolutely need, and I can start saving more, haha. I'm going to start keeping my debit card at home, cause that's what always gets me, the fact that everywhere takes debit and it's so easy to swipe and call it a day!

I'm also going to go out looking for a second job tomorrow. I currently hold a retail job, but it's not fulltime at the moment, and since I'm doing anything exciting this summer, I thought it would be best to find a second job and do something productive and make some moola. (:

Anyways, I have a couple of looks that I want to post, but my camera phone sucks butt at taking true, detailed photos, and my sister broke our camera. ): So until we get a new one, I'll have to put up these crummy quality pics. Sorryyyyyy guys!

Till later! (:


Rai said...

You should do a review on the mascara!

I'm less likely to swipe my debit card, but if I have money on me I'm more likely to spend it. lol

I need to find a new job... it's such a maaaaaajooor headache though. Good luck with your hunt!

Celly said...

I need my old job to start back up soon. I miss swiping my debit (I'm not swiping the credit... sooo bad!)
I've been on a forced no-buy. LOL.


Tina Marie said...

Nice haul :) Good luck on the no-buy! I've been trying to do the same thing but it gets difficult after a while. I also need a job! Good luck for the both of us. :)

Iyah said...

Great haul! I love that mascara!! :D

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...