Monday, July 20, 2009

Green With Envy

I've been working the past couple days so I haven't really had the chance to do anything. I need to finally get up and get started on that job hunting, I shouldn't put it off for too long..

Yesterday after work I started playing around with make-up and I wanted to do something with green, cause I've never done a green look before. This is what I came up with:

MAC Soft Ochre p/p
88 matte & satin palette
88 shimmer palette
Annabelle Ebony e/s (matte black in outer V)
Annabelle Cloudy e/s (as a highlight)
Coastal Scents e/s sample in Spirit (in tearduct)
MAC Blacktrack f/l
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
Annabelle eye kohl in Caledon (on waterline)

Once again, I'm really sorry for the quality of the photos. My camera still works (the one that my sister broke), but I can't see what I'm taking on the back on the LCD, or see what photos I took, or even what settings I'm using to take the pictures. :/ And it sucks butt because I've been playing with make-up alot daily, and it sucks that I can't take pictures ):

Anyways, my sister is leaving for Virginia tomorrow so I'm trying to think of beauty related things that she could bring back for me that I can't get in Canada. Do you guys have any suggestions of anything? I'm at a lost right now cause I have no idea what.

But the number one thing on my list is a Coach Carly Signature Hobo bag:

I'm not really a bag person, usually when I go out I just put my cards or cash or whatever into my Coach wristlet.

But, now I need to carry my glucometer, insulin pen and all that, and I can't really fit that into my wristlet. So I'm looking for a cute big shoulder bag, and the Coach one caught my eye.

Originally, I wanted to get it from the Coach Factory in Niagra Falls, but when I called to ask if they had it in stock, they said they didn't and that there was a 40 people waiting list for it, and that they randomly get it in and don't know when they will next get one.

I haven't called Coach stores closer to me, cause I didn't really wanna pay retail for it (around $390 + 13% tax). So I'm going to ask my sister to see if she can find it in the States. Fingers crossed, hopefully she can, I really want it!

Till later guys! (:


Rai said...

Green looks lovely on you!
You should wear it more often.

I say get whatever beauty products you want! lol.But if your sister can find NYX, tell her to get that. Ulta tends to have some of that brand. Ulta eyeshadows are awesome, too and they have a sale.

UtsukushiiLife said...

that green is so beautifull ! and it looks great on you :)

-Gee xo

Celly said...

Pretty green!

I just saw the carly bag yesterday and fell in loved with the gray one wth silver piping. uggggh.
wish i was rich!

GoldBeauty88 said...

Awww as aoon as I saw the first picture you looked so cute!! you have lovely eyes. The green colour really suits you babe :D

p.s I love your taste in bags mind you I'm a baga-holic LOL

Speedy Warez said...

You look very beautiful.
Can you follow me in my blog ?

Chilli said...

you have beautiful eyes can you follow my blog ?

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

i have wanted this bag for a long time too!

great look on you!

cecilia said...

ı like green make up, ı will try that ;) thats nice job ;)