Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY Lipstick/Lip Gloss Organizer Using Foam Board!

This post is long overdue, especially since I posted a "sneak peak" on my twitter months ago, but better late than never!

I went on an organizing spree a while ago, and after googling like crazy I came across this amazing DIY foam board lipstick organizer. Unfortunately, the blog that I think I found it from is private now, so you can't view her blog post, but I will link it here so you can check it out if she does ever unprivate her blog. I believe she also posted it on Luxx as well here as well.

Since I had a ton of foam board left over from previous projects - here and here - I decided to tackle this project as well.

It was pretty easy, just time consuming, and the perfectionist in me wasn't completely happy with the final piece because every spot wasn't pefectly square, even though I had measured everything out.

I made the length of the holder to fit in exactly so it didn't slide around everytime I open and close my drawer.

My lip products are nicely organized now, and I can see everything clearly. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold all my lip products, as some are too long to fit in that my drawer won't close properly if they're upright, but other than that, I love it!


Donna Dell said...

OOO i definitely need to make this all my lipsticks are so disorganized in a drawer lol.

Imani Love said...

This is great! I'm definately going to be going out to make one of these, my lippies collection has gotten so out of hand!
Great post
-Imani Love

Chris said...


Have you ever done a skincare post? You have amazing skin. It would be great if you could tell us what you use. :)

Tanya said...

I love how your organise your lippies!