Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dollarama Find - ELF Dramatic Lashes

I wanted to do a quick post and share with you guys another one of my Dollarama finds.

I found the ELF Dramatic lashes at Dollarama for $1.50!
I actually didn't purchase any because I was in a rush, but this photo is from Square One's Dollarama (in Mississauga, ON).
I've purchased the ELF Dramatic lashes before off of the ELF website, and they're nice. I know they're a huge favourite among many beauty bloggers, and for $1.50, it won't kill you to try them.

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That Girl Grethel said...

Omg, I looooove these! I just recently picked these up at target for $1. I've been using the 'natural' ones for such a long time and I love them, I would pick up 5 at a time and would wear them atleast 5 times each. I finally got these too! Def try them.