Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dresser Drawer Clothing Organization Tip

One thing that you guys may not know about me is that I'm a huge DIYer and I love organizing. I love the satisfaction of having everything aligned and grouped together for easy access.

Recently, I had this huge urge to organize my underwear drawer. I don't have any "before" photos, but basically, it was a huge mess. Just a big pile of underwear floating around in a drawer.

I'm pretty sure most girls would be able to relate, but I have a ton of pairs of underwear. My drawer was just a mess, and I found that I always reached for the same pairs over and over again because it made things just so much easier than having to dig through and find a pair.

I decided to Google "drawer organization tips" and found a lot of useful information, but nothing as far as what to organize them in. A lot of people mentioned using shoe boxes or the like, but I felt I wouldn't be able to make the most use out of my space.

And then, it hit me. I had some foam board I had left over from a Chemistry project, and I decided to make drawer dividers out of them.

All you need is foam board (I purchased mine at Michaels for $3.99 CDN for a 20x30x3/16 inch piece), a ruler to measure out your pieces and a hot glue gun. Relatively simple and inexpensive.

I did not glue the dividers into my drawers, I used the hot glue gun to glue the dividers to each other. I just made sure the dividers were the right length so that they would just slide right in my drawer and stay in place on their own - this makes things easier incase I want to change any of my arrangments.

There was no real method to my madness, I just kind of did whatever, but I really liked how everything turned out. I ended up making 6 compartments, which I then divided my different types of underwear in to. I also went through everything and threw out any stretched out/faded underwear, or anything that I knew I wouldn't wear. That helped cut a lot of clutter.

I usually fold my underwear, and that made everything easier for me. Now, if I want to wear a certain style (ie: bikini, thong, etc..) of underwear, I can easily find it and pull it out. Also, when I'm finished my laundry and ready to put everything back, I put my freshly laundered underwear in the BACK of the pile, and I always reach for underwear from the front of the pile. This ensures that I actually wear/rotate everyone, instead of going for the same ones all the time.

I didn't just stop with my underwear drawer, but I decided to go through and organize a few of my other drawers as well, here are some photos to show you different ways to divide your drawers:

I wanted to share this with you guys to show you how easy it is to organize your clothing. After a while, I would seriously open up my drawers every now and then and awe over how everything was so neat, organized and easily accessible. There's no more rooting around in a rage trying to find someone. Everything has it's own place.

It's also made putting back laundry easier as well! I hope this was helpful to some of you, and I'd love to how you guys organize your dressers!


AVR said...

what a great idea! Will be trying this out soon when I move to my new place! thanks for sharing!

xo Ada


For The Fierce said...

me and my mom were just talking about how smart and creative this is... lol good job!


Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

Just in time...Love it. So great and budget friendly.


BBella said...

that's a great idea, I will try something like this :))


Laura said...

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Donna Dell said...

omg my dresser NEEDS this!! my bras and panties are mixed up this would save me time haha. genius!

That Girl Grethel said...

This is such a good idea. My drawers always somehow end up a mess no matter how much I try and keep organized. Good idea!

G A B Y said...

I loooove the panties drawer! I have TONS and they are always a mess! Great idea!