Sunday, December 4, 2011

I just don't get the hype..

Have you ever stayed up late one night and found yourself watching cheesy informercials? Pajama jeans, snugglies, fake cigarettes, etc.. There always seems to be something gimmicky in the consumer world.

Ever since I first got into make-up, I've seen a whole lot of things hyped up and seen them come and go. Whether it be products, brushes, palettes, etc.. there is always something that people rave about for a time period, and then it's totally forgotten about.

Something I haven't given into the hype is highlighters and highlighting products.

Maybe it's the fact that I have oily skin, and I feel that highlighting products can just emphasize that, or maybe I don't see the whole "glowly" skin that everyone seems to be aiming for?

I think it may be the fact that there are so many products marketed into giving you a glowy look, but I feel that there are so many other things in your collection already that you can use to achieve the same results.

I purchased a few of these products, for example, the coveted NARS Albatross, but I feel like what's the difference between using Albatross to highlight versus using an eyeshadow? Or a pigment? Or a pigment mixed into some moisturizer?

I have a few shimmery highlight eyeshadows and it's very hard for me to justify why I need to have a $30 highlighter when I have something already in my collection that I can use to highlight my face with.

I can't just throw out my $30 not-so-well-spent product in the trash, but everytime I use it, I think to myself, "I just don't get the hype.."

Atleast for me, I got it in a blog sale, so I didn't pay retail + tax.

How do you feel about purchasing products that are marketed solely for one thing? Like facial highlighters and illuminaters?


G A B Y said...

I TOTALLY agre with you! I don't think I have ever purchased an highlighter or illuminater as when I actually need this kind of product, I will reach for a champagne eyeshadow and tadaaah, there you have it! Such a waste of money!

Eugenia said...

Im not a fan bc my face is pretty oily.. and I do not need anything else to me look shiny!