Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dollarama Find - Part 2

I usually purchase my essentials from dollar stores to help save money. Q-tips, cotton pads, nail polish remover, etc.. So when I was at Dollarama to pick up a few of these essentials, I picked up these large cotton pads to use for removal of my make-up. I like the fact that they're bigger because it means less time spent removing my make-up, and less cotton pads used.

Swissper 50 count ultra-soft cleansing pads

I paid $2 and they contain 50 pads which are 4 by 3.5 inch rectangles. I love that these are thick and more durable than your average cotton pad - which means no tearing or leaving fuzzies on your face.

These cotton pads are quilted which makes them stronger and great for use with liquids.

What I especially love is that these have 2 layers that can easily be pulled apart, and the 1-ply layer is still pretty durable. (Think about 2-ply tissue, 2-ply tissue is more durable than a 1-ply layer of tissue - but the 1-ply layer of these cotton pads are just as durable as the 2 ply!) And since I don't wear face make-up and usually just eye make-up, I don't need a whole 4 by 3.5 inch cotton pad to take my make-up, so usually I cut them in half or quarters.

Pulling the two layers apart

The two layers

So from one cotton pad, I pull apart the layers to have 2 cotton pads, and I usually cut these in half which means I get 4 uses out of one cotton pad (granted that I use one to removal all of my eye make-up). 4 x 50 = 200! So out of one $2 package, I get approximately 200 uses.

Also, I'm 80% sure that I seen this exact brand and exact product at Sally's the other day retailing for $8.49 or something like that. I've tried searching on the Sally's Beauty website for this specific product or brand, but they don't seem to carry it.

Dollarama has definitely been upping its game lately and carrying more "drugstore" items. I've seen products from Sally Hansen, La Cross and E.L.F to mention a few at my local Dollarama with prices ranging from $1-$3.

Is it weird that I just posted about cotton pads?..

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G A B Y said...

I don't think it's weird that you posted about cotton pads LOL! I love to browse my local Dollarama's beauty aisle, I always find great stuff at such a discounted price! I think I'm due for a visit now!