Thursday, July 29, 2010

MAC Dupes in Annabelle Cosmetics!

I was browsing through the cosmetic aisles of Wal-Mart the other day and I came across a new selection of mono eyeshadows that Annabelle now carries. I'm not sure if these eyeshadows are limited edition or part of their new line or what, but they look awfully familiar to a couple of MAC eyeshadows that I own.

I swatched them with my fingers - which I'm NEVER going to do again, I'll tell you more on that later - and I decided to pick a couple of them up (4 to be exact!) to compare them to some of my MAC eyeshadows as possible dupes.

So how do they compare? Well, keep reading!

Left to right (all Annabelle shadows): Rainforest, Fantasy, Lagoon, Ultraviolet.

First of all, I swatched these eyeshadows in the store with my fingers and they showed up really pigmented, when I got home to do swatches with a brush, I really had to pack them on. You'll definitely need a base with these bad boys, but I'm curious to see how they apply in a look, I'll definitely post FOTDs and let you know how they apply on your actual lid.

All swatches are packed on with a flat shader brush.

From top to bottom, Ultraviolet, Lagoon, Fantasy & Rainforest.
Left - no base
Middle - UDPP
Right - MAC Soft Ochre paintpot

When I first swatched Fantasy, I immediately thought of Birds & Berries eyeshadow that was limited edition and released in the MAC Liberty of London collection. Fantasy is a really good dupe for those of you who may have missed out on Birds & Berries. I suck at describing colours, but B&B is just a tinge darker, but hardly noticeable. They also have the same finish.

MAC's Deep Truth compared to Annabelle's Lagoon eyeshadow. Deep Truth is a bit darker and more frostier. Lagoon has a bit of a satin-y finish, and it applies kind of chalky, so you have to work with the colour and pack it on. I can't wait to do a look with Lagoon eyeshadow though, it's a beautiful colour, it would look beautiful as an eyeliner!

Annabelle's Ultraviolet eyeshadow was a hard colour to swatch. You really need to pack it on and it applies kind of chalky. Its matte and would make a wonderful crease colour. I definitely need to play with this one, I'm not sure how well it would apply because it was a trouble to even swatch.

Left to right: Annabelle Fantasy, Annabelle Vert-To-Go

I don't have any MAC green eyeshadows, but Fantasy kind of reminds me of Humid eyeshadow. I swatched it beside Annabelle Vert-To-Go because they colours are pretty similar, but Vert-To-Go is a bit darker. They do have the same finish though.

Overall, in my opinion, they're pretty good dupes as far as colour goes. Application could be better, but for $3.56 CDN for each eyeshadow, I'm not complaining!

This "review" is kind of premature because I haven't gotten around to actually using the eyeshadows in a look yet, but I really wanted to show you guys how similar the colours are to some popular MAC eyeshadow colours. I'll definitely keep you guys updated and show off some FOTDs with these colours. (:


Rai said...

Great post! I noticed Annabella has a lot of color similar to MAC.

I would love to get my hands on more!

thestartsteam said...

cool, it's always good to find some mac dupes to save some $$$. Sucks that I dont have a walmart near me...

Tina Marie said...

Ooh pretty! Definitely MAC dupes! Thnx for swatches! :)

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

OMg these are nice dupes for mac e/s! I wish we have annabelle cosmetics here in the u.s.

I can't wait for your fotds using these pretty shadows!

by the way, thanks for sharing your bangs story :)

Cinnabunnie said...

when did you get these? they're beautiful shades! but i've never seen or heard of them before. do you know if they're new or something?

Anonymous said...

lol I thought I left a reply but I guess not XD

Anyway Thanks for sharing the comparisons~:)

I JUST spotted them yesterday, but its good to know that they are sold at Walmart as well. I had always thought (for some odd reason, maybe cause I didn't see it at others?) that LE's were only found at SDM. So its great to have that other alternative~

Anonymous said...

Bit of a necropost, but yeah, Annabelle is awesomesauce. I ordered "Woodwinked" based on the picture on MAC's website, and when I received it I was shocked to find that it was kind of orange-y and pretty damn similar to Annabelle's Metallic Meltdown, which I unfortunately already owned. Bummer on duping my own collection, but it made me even more impressed with Annabelle!