Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can't Think Of A Clever Title..

I just wanted to do a quick post before I head off to work. I've been loaded with school and work lately, and on top of that I'm not doing as well as I want to in school, so I definitely need to step up!

I recently went to a University Fair, which is basically all the universities in Ontario get together in a convention hall and students can visit all the universities in one convenient place and learn more about their programs and what not.

And can I say, school is expensive. Most of the schools that I was interested in were located far away, meaning I'd have to live on residence, which depending on the school and the type of dorm you want, can run up to $5,000-$8,000 a year. Add on top of that a meal plan plus tuition and all that good stuff, I'm looking at up to $10,000 a school year. So I'm in a rut because I'm basically going to paying for the majority of school myself.

Ughh, right now I'm just trying to focus on getting my marks up and savinggggg significantly. But, you know how that is.. haha.

Anyways, I haven't been wearing much make-up lately, just cause I'm too lazy to wake up early and try to put together a look. But here's something I was playing around with the other night:

UDPP (as a primer)
Annabelle Gleam e/s (in tearduct)
Faces # 5 e/s (all over the lid)
Urban Decay's Zero e/s (in the outer third/crease)
Annabelle Ebony e/s (matte black in the outer V)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline (liner)
L'Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous mascara
MAC Engraved e/l (water line)

I actually liked how this turned out, but the Faces eyeshadow that I used kept fading, I'm not sure if it was cause of the shadow or cause of the base I used. Has anyone ever tried Faces cosmetics? There's a little stand in my mall but I always walk past it, nothing really seems interesting to me. I just found this random grey eyeshadow that my mom had.

Since I'm suppose to be 'saving.' I decided to pick up one quick thing from MAC. A while ago, I remember reading on Lipstick Rules about the idea of getting one make-up related item from each paycheck, and I thought, that sounds pretty reasonable! So I picked up Naughty Noir Eye Bag. I figured, I need a new blacktrack fluidline, so why not try this out?

Blacktrack fluidline (full size)
Shimmertime pigment (full size)
Zoom Lash mascara (trial size)
209SE brush
Small makeup bag

I actually really like this collection, there's a lot of variety, so there's a lot to choose from. From lip palettes, to eye palettes, brush sets, etc.. The eye palettes do look smaller than ones from previous holiday collections though. I haven't gotten any good swatches of Shimmertime pigment, but it's a cool frosty pink. Not really sure what I would pair it with, but we'll see. I tried using it as a cheek highlighter yesterday, but I think I used too much.

Till later guys. My sister still has the camera, but I'm going to demand it for next week, since she broke mine. -.-


Rai said...

I never saw this post!

School is VERY expensive! Unless you're rich you're going to be in some type of debt to get there. :(

I love the look!

GoldBeauty88 said...

Such a pretty look :)
I cant wait for that collection!

Kym said...

ladddyyy! look at you and your big vocabulary! most people don't even know what the word means (myself included, i actually got the friend from a friend, haha) but look.. the thousands you are spending in school is being put to good use! haha! ;P don't worry... keep working hard and eventually the money will come back to you 10 fold :)

resham said...

lovely look...and that MAC bag is adorable....I am eyeing it since the day it released...but i will buy whn it hits CCO...:(

Kate Gene said...

This is the perfect smokey daytime look! I always rock a smokey look, regardless of where I'm going. I actually don't have a daytime look... This may be it!

Thank you for following my blog, BTW! I am now a follower of yours! :)