Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Small Makeup Collection

Here's just a quick post about my make-up collection. I don't have much, and I don't really buy much either (well I'm trying not to, haha), but it's slowly growing. My mom & I are on the look for a vanity, and we haven't found anything yet, until then, I do my make-up on the floor infront of a full length mirror. On to the pictures:

You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Where I do my make-up, I have my own bathroom, but I don't like doing my make-up there because of the lighting. If I do my make-up in my bathroom lighting, it'll look good in the bathroom, but wack in normal light.

My little plastic 2 drawer organizer with plastic organizers on top, small mirror, brushes.

Closer look at my mirror and brushes. Yessssss, that's a paper cup I hold my brushes in, haha, I haven't gotten around to looking for a glass jar yet.

Palette's (my 88 matte & satin, 88 shimmer and Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box), face stuff in a smaller container (foundation - which I never use, translucent powder, sponges, oil-blotting sheets - don't use these either, I bought it at the dollar store to see how they work, lol.) and cotton pads & q-tips in a smaller container which I stack ontop of the face stuff container.

Containers on top of my plastic drawer organizer. Eyeliners on the left, blushes on the top right, and lip products on the bottom left.

Eyeshadows, Annabelle pigment dusts, and small palettes in the first drawer.

Mascara's, fluidline, primers & bases and eyelash curlers in the second drawer.

And finally, lotions, moisturizers, sunscreen, contact lens solution, contact case, vaseline, brush cleaner & floss in a container infront of the mirror.

That's basically it! Haha, I don't have much, but I try to utilize what I do have.

Anyways, about that "investigation" thing I wanted to do (how lame does that sound? :/), I went on Monday to this place, but it was closed cause there was a civic holiday, I'll probably go today once I get off my lazy butt and get ready and what not. What I'm "investigating" is actually pretty interesting, it is beauty related, and I think most of you would be like, "what the hell?" I'll defintely go today cause I really want you guys to know about this! Haha.


Halifax said...

So proud of you being able to control the stash from growing too fast :-)

You sound mysterious, lol. Curious what it is now

Vanessa M. said...

nice collecton! how do you like that NYC "msf" ive so been wanting one but can never find any!

GoldBeauty88 said...

aww such a cute collection plus storage :)

I need to sort my eye pencil draw out I really do! its full of old crap!

Rai said...

Great collection! I want a vanity, too. But I suppose that will have to wait when I move out on my own.

lmao, I would love to know what this "investigation" is.

lindah said...

your so organized :D I wish I was.. lol! but I know where most of my things are ;) and good luck with the search of your vanity! I'm glad your mother supports you, haha mine keeps telling me I'm going to get overflowed and drown in my makeup! She's so funny :) I've gotta get a vanity mirror soon because the lighting in my room & bathroom doesn't work out. I always look funny when I go outside! haha XD

Kym said...

what do you mean you don't have a lotta makeup? thats wayyy more than i have! haha! ;P and yes, do reveal this investigation!

Celly said...

hurry with the investigation... im hella curious.

my makeup was like that a couple of yrs ago - it still quite small compared to others because i threw away majority of my drugstore makeup but yours is still good - if it gets the job done, right? have you guys looked in ikea?
you can just find a small dresser, hang a pretty mirror frame up and wallah!

Vanessa M. said...

woman! you dont have a chat box! lol ps. tagged you :)

Sofee said...

cute makeup colletion...girl I too have been looking for a makeup vanity...where do they sell those damn things!! Good luck to the both of us!!

Polished Sense said...

Love your makeup station. So organized :P My kind of girl, love all the photos too!


Perricone MD-Ashley said...

So organized, I wish I could control my make up stash like you!

BBpau said...

I love your collection, its all you need! you dont need to buy a bunch of stuff girl! i love it!
and I love your blog! I love the way you experiment with make up. and you have the best brown eyes i've seen! kinda jealous!! lol


luv from mexico

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

Need to know what the investigation is about. Tell us tell us! ;-)


Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

love your make up collection :)

Halifax said...

Just tagged you. Please do it when you have time :-)

Farah said...

love the organization girl!

Slow and steady lol thats what i need to do now!

GoldBeauty88 said...

I'm tagging you for the -------Your Blog Is freakin" fabulous---
Check back to my blog for full details :)

Miss Yaya said...

yup as a blogger you're def gunna get to double and trip. that collection - are you ready?

one day ull look around n say why do i have so much and how didit all get here!?

lindah said...

how's your investigation going? :) I still want to know what it is!!

I didn't know there was a sephora down the street, but I'm glad I found out :D haha, there goes my paychecks! and I still love that doggy :) He loves to sleeep with me so I know not to mess with him anymore whenever he's sleeping LOL

Anonymous said...

hey sweetie! i tagged you for an award on my blog...xo

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cecilia said...

waww nice organizer, thank you sharing, everythin looks like so pretty.

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