Saturday, July 25, 2009

Breaking My No-Buy & FOTD

So, I just got back from the mall to check out the 'Play Up Your Pout' thing at The Bay. I headed to the mall early cause I thought there would be a line up or something, but surprisingly it was pretty tame. There was only maybe 1-2 people there at the time who seem to know about it. :/

I swatched a whole bunch of lipsticks on the back of my hand, and I couldn't really see anything that I would like. I'm the type of person where I may like it on the back of my hand, but I have to see how it actually looks on my face - and I didn't really want to try the testers. So, I just tried Bare Slimshine, and decided to go with that. In the store, it didn't look like I even had anything on my lips, but now that I've tried it at home I love it. It's a 'my lips but better' colour, it's really natural, and it looks like it'll go with everything. I can see myself running out of this quick. But for some reason it has this old waxy smell? :/ It's gone once it's on my lips, but it's still annoying..

Anyways, since we all like pictures:

I ended up paying $9.80, cause the slimshine was $17.50, plus tax that's $19.80, with $10.00 off my total was $9.80 which is not that bad.

I had another lipstick that I wanted to trade in again for Play Up Your Pout, but I knew that they probably wouldn't let me do it again, so I asked this random girl if she would be able to do it for me, and she said sure - but she just had to go and tell her sister where she was going, and I guess she forgot cause she was talking to her sister for a while and looking around the store (we were in Urban Behaviour) and then she left ):

I felt stupid cause I thought she blew me off, but then I took that as a sign that I probably shouldn't be spending anymore money, especially during my 'No Buy.'

Yeah, my no-buy, remember that? I started it a week ago and I've already broken it. So I left the mall so I wouldn't be tempted to buy anything else - especially cause I transferred $50 from my savings account to my chequeing account. 50 bucks that I probably intended to spend on MAC! x_______x

I have no self-restraint.

Anyways, here's another look that I did the other day. I'm trying to work more on doing more neutral/natural/every day looks cause I don't do a lot of them, and when I do they turn out sucky. :/

MAC Soft Ochre p/p
88 shimmer palette (shimmery beige colour on the lid)
MAC Mulch e/s (in the outer crease)
MAC Espresso e/s (in the outer V and inner crease)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
L'Oreal Voluminious mascara

(I didn't do my brows)

Till later! (:


Rai said...

OMG! I want to buy some MAC right now as well. And these earrings I've been wanting FOOOOOOREVER because I just found a $10 off coupon, but shipping is freaking $7.95 so all together it'll be 10.85 instead of almost $19. Should I get it? LMAO! I need someone to help me decide. =[
... I have a feeling i'll miss out on them AGAIN like in the past.

I need a new job to feed my makeup/shopping addiction. HAHAHA! Poor us.

And whatever, this look is lovely!
Actually looks like the look I did yesterday. Can you swatch the slimshine on your lips please?

XINAR0X said...

That deal is awesome. I didnt get to go to the mall though. Too lazy right now. lol

Michelle said...

I didn't go to the Bay today either. I figured I didn't really need another lipstick. Haha. Bare is a great colour!

Celly said...

Bare is my all time favorite lipsticks. I wear it often.
Just sucks that it's gone fairly quickly because of the creme texture.

But I'm on a forced no buy.
When I enter blog competitions - I hope for the best because it's helped in me not buying the makeup myself. Go into the game and enter some!! haha.

GoldBeauty88 said...

aww lucky you girl! I love bare lipstick :)

Halifax said...

So you made it there. Glad you found something you liked. I wanted one of the lip products from Style Warriors, but they didn't have many choices left, and nothing worked for me.
The Bay wasn't busier than usual, I guess they didn't let many people know.

DazzleLipstick said...

You have such intoxicating eyes

Anonymous said...

I love this look-so pretty!

Yi said...

adore the finish of this looook..yupyup..followed:D

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♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

omg.. u have beautiful eyes.. nice look!!

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