Monday, May 25, 2009

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Nail Quick Review

This post is long overdue. A while ago I won a giveaway on Celly @ La Dolche Vita's blog for the new Revlon Fantasy Lengths Nails.

They are your basic press on fake nails. I think they are pretty natural looking, and it wasn't terribly hard. The only trouble I had with applying them was there was always air bubbles, but after reading countless reviews I think that's been a problem for everyone. I'm not sure how much they are, cause I haven't seen them in stores yet, but I'm guessing they'd be approx. $10ish CDN?

I was in a rush to put them on as soon as I got them, but I loved they way they looked. I only did one hand, and I kept them on for a day, haha. The reason being because I wear contacts and me + fake nails + trying to put on/take off contacts = no go.

I would definitely put these on for special occasions, like a special night out, or even prom! They didn't damage my nails at all, and I have real brittle/peely nails. They come off easily with acetone polish remover, I'll do a post on how I removed them with minimal damage soon.

Till later! (:

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