Saturday, May 30, 2009

How To Remove Artifical Nails

Here's what I promised from my last post. (:

Originally I saw this on Make Me Blushhh and I decided to see if it worked for me, this is how I did it.

Step 1 - You have to have your artifical nails (of course) and your supplies. I'm using 100% pure acetone, cotton pads, and tin foil.

Step 2 - Soak your cotton pad with the acetone, an then wrap the cotton pad around your nail.

Step 3 - Keeping the cotton pad on your nail, wrap your nail with tin foil to help keep the wet cotton pad in place. Do this with all your nails.

Step 4 - Keep this on your nails for a minimum of 15 minutes. You then can open one up to see if the artifical nails have dissolved off. If there's still a bit of the nails on, keep it on for a little longer.

And then you're done! It's pretty simple, and it's way better than trying to pick and peel the nail off. Just remember to condition your nails after!

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Anonymous said...

To make the proces easier u can cut the nails up to where ur own nail starts so ther's less nail to dissolve and u spend less time waiting, also u'll need less cotton and less foil

I hope this helps