Monday, August 15, 2011

2 FOTD's

I know, I know, I knowwwwwwww. I was trying not to sit here and come up with excuses, but the biggest thing is that I haven't been wearing much make-up lately! The most I've been doing on a daily basis is mascara and concealer. That's it. *shrug*

I haven't really played around with make-up since June, the last time I distinctly remember is when I did my make-up for my friend's birthday - and I did this look:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Teal Pigment (on the lid and lower lashline)
Star Makeup Haven In A Bind e/s (on outer corner/crease)
Wet n' Wild Vanity Palette (matte black in outer corner)
Wet n' Wild e/s in Brulee (as highlight)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MAC Night Maneuvers e/s (to fill in brows)
Maybelline Falsies mascara

MAC Prolongwear Foundation in NC35
MAC Pinch o' Peach blush
And a little bit of NARS Laguna bronzer

Probably Annabelle's Lip Shine in Breathless on my lips

Today is finally the first time in a long while that I put some actual eyeshadow and make-up on, this is the look I'm currently rocking:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Naked pigment (all over the lid)
MAC Cork e/s (outer corner/crease)
MAC Espresso e/s (outer V)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara
NYC Kohl Eyeliner in White (on waterline)
MAC Night Maneuvers e/s (to fill in brows)

MAC Prolongwear Foundation in NC35
MAC On A Mission blush
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny (to contour)
NARS Albatross (to highlight)

Annabelle l/l in Cherry
MAC Russian Red

I trying hard to get posts up, and I apologize to those who have been checking back for updates.


LaaLaa Monroe said...

I was just wondering about you yesterday lol especially when I saw when you last updated. Glad your back. I love your hair in the first FOTD wow.

N' of course, the pin up classic vixen look - loveee it.

Askmewhats said...

your red lipstick looks is just fab!!!! I love how makeup can change your look but still YOU! :) Naturally beautiful!!!!

Rai said...

Lovely looks. Love your hair in the first FOTD!!! :)

socialitedreams said...

that first look is done to perfection, i love everything about it! amazing

Vonnie of

G A B Y said...

Hi Arezu! I love the first look on you, this color really compliments your skintone!

Thank you for your comment regarding tea tree products and eczema, but I've been told that tea tree Tea tree oil can be a very practical choice for treating eczema as it preventing infection, has some anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties. It is supposed to be great in reducing flare ups and cutting down on the irritation and discomfort! Now you got me worried... Can I ask you were you've heard that or who told you so? Thank you Arezu!

MakeupbyEesha said...

Hi Arezu,

Found your blog while surfing about MAC's Violet pigment. You have a lovely blog, as you post more on FOTD's. You have beautiful sparking eyes and well groomed eye-brows. -- Love, Eesha

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Yolandaas said...

I love the first make up .. especially the eye shadows.. great x

hailey said...

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Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

hello darling .. wow you are gorgeous and the makeup looks are great.!! love the post and your overall blog
I am now following ya!

I invite you to check my blog Follow me?

Blessings !

Anonymous said...

I can spot Russian Red from a mile away-love that colour! look gorgeous <3

G A B Y said...

Hi Arezu, I wanted to answer to your comment by email by since I can't find it anywhere on your blog, I answered on the post you commented on.If you know of a teeth whitening product that is cruelty-free, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and that actually works, please let me know because I can't find any.

G A B Y said...

Hi again Arezu. I won't publish your second comment nor reply to it on my blog because I feel it's unprofesional.

Do you have a cruelty-free policy? Are you at least vegetarian? If not, why do you judge people who truly make efforts to change things? Going vegetarian is a complete change of lifestyle and of course I didn't do it in only one day - it's the same things with my choice of going cruelty-free. I feel people who choose to make such compassionate choices should be supported and encouraged, not seen as hypocrite.

I think it's rude that you think I accepted to review something that has been tested on animals simply because of money. I would have accepted to review this product for free (I very very VERY rarely receive products for free AND get paid to review them) anyway! I don't feel I'm compromising my values and beliefs for money! I'm making big efforts to go cruelty-free and if you haven't tried it yourself, you have no idea how hard it can be. Once again, I chose to disclose that I was paid for this review to be honest with my readers - would you prefer me to be a liar?

I already stopped purchasing products that were tested on animals and like I said, I won't accept for review such products. However, because I chose to make a compassionate decision, I can't just not feature on my blog a product that has already been sent to me.

I understand your disappointment and I appreciate that you share it with me, however you shouldn't accuse me of something if you don't know what you are talking about. Of course I'm not 100% cruelty-free because some products are incredibly hard to find (for example, teeth whitening products!)

Feel free to delete my comments, I didn't mean to spam your blog but I didn't know how to contact you. You can email me at to continue this discussion or for further info.