Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All About Eyebrows: Part 3 - Filling Them In

So finally, I bring you my last and final installment on my "All About Eyebrows" series. This one took me a while because every time I tried to take a photo of me actually doing my eyebrows, it just never worked out.. Anyways, I hope that this suffices and you get the basic idea. If you have any questions, comments, etc.. let me know!


I'll start by showing you what I use to fill my eyebrows in with:

MAC Night Maneuvers e/s and EcoTools angled eyeliner/brow brush.

Usually, I use a dark brown eyeshadow (in my case I've been using MAC's Night Maneuvers eyeshadow) - which actually isn't a matte eyeshadow. It's a satin finish with a bit of blue glitter, but it doesn't show up in my brows, it basically comes off matte.

I would recommend going with a matte eyeshadow/pencil or whatever, but, go with whatever works for you. Clara from Beauty by Clara actually uses MAC's Mulch eyeshadow in her brows, which I thought was interesting, but it works for her!

Left to right: MAC Night Maneuvers e/s, ELF Studio Cream Liner in Coffee, matte black e/s from Wet n' Wild Color Icon Greed palette, MAC Blacktrack fluidline.

Above are some swatches of the products that I like to fill in my brows with. A lot of people suggest against using a black to fill in your brows, but I disagree with that. I have dark brows, and sometimes when I use a brown it's too light and clearly noticeable, and I find using a matte black eyeshadow is a perfect match - and you really only need a little bit.

I also used to use MAC's Blacktrack fluidline, after I was finished applying my eyeliner, I would use whatever was left over on my brush in my brows. So it's really about experimenting and seeing what works for you.

How I fill in my brows:

I don't really "fill in" my brows, I concentrate more on perfecting my shape. I have pretty full eyebrows, so mostly I just outline them so that I create a more predominate shape.

Step 1:
I always do my eyebrows after I'm finished doing my make-up. I take a spoolie and run it through my brows so that all the hairs are running in the same direction.

Step 2:
I pick up some product with my angled brush, and basically make a line across the top of my brow. I also use my brush to blend the line I made into my brows.

Step 3:
I go back and pick up more product on my brush and make a second line going down on the outside of my tail. Once again I blend that line into my brows so there isn't a harsh line.

Step 4:
Finally, I go back and pick up just a little bit more of product on my brush and draw a line underneath my brows, blending it into my brows once again.

Step 5:
My final step is taking some brow gel (I like to use Maybelline's Great Lash clear mascara) and run it through my brows to keep the hair in place and not have it looking strangaly (?).

So that's basically it, that's all I do with my brows. I hope that was helpful and that I was clear enough with everything for those of you who wondered on how I did them.


Askmewhats said...

Same as you, I love my Ecotools liner brush!

Gorgeous eyebrows!

Stacy Michelle said...

I have awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award.

Jennifer said...

very helpful :)

Celia said...

your brows are awesome! brow envy

Taj Acosta said...

gorgeous! Love your shape! xo

The Beautifier said...

Wondeful post, Your eyebrows are to die for!! I would love to achieve a shape like yours, they're just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Ima come back to this when I have the time.. I must know how you do your eyebrows!!!