Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hmm.. interesting.

I recently came across the company/"brand" Sedona Lace Cosmetics from one of Makeup By Ren Ren's posts. I was browsing though Sedona Lace's site and came across this:

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Professional Makeup Brushes

Hmm, look familiar? Think harder..
Still didn't get it? Let me refresh your memory: Sigma Makeup 12 Piece Professional Brush Set.

They look exactly the same to me. Down to the brushes included in the set, the brush roll, and even where the company's name is stamped.

I haven't tried neither of these sets of brushes, but if you wanted to try the Sigma brushes, check out the set on Sedona Lace, it's almost half the brush of the Sigma brushes.

I'm trying to figure out where Sigma/Sedona Lace purchases these brushes wholesale - because it seems obvious that they are wholesale brushes - but I haven't had any luck so far. You think if I contact either company they'd tell me? Ha!

Just thought I'd share this with you guys, and get your opinions. What do you think?


Deborah said...

me thinks you're right. I'd be interested to see how this spreads....oh well!

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

I've been hearing of the brand Sedona Lace on youtube. I wouldn't be surprised if these brushes are exactly the same as Sigma. A lot of companies have the same manufacturer then they just stamp their brand/name on products.

Celly said...

i wanna try the brand sigma too - i never followed the hype but i hear/see it often but not in no rush to go get them. but got observation.

Sara (The Makeup said...

I know what you mean. All these brushes are looking alike! We need to find the supplier and go straight to the source lol! Good catch! xoxo! Sara