Monday, March 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Gosh Lift Off The Day Makeup Remover Lotion

I'm always on the lookout for make-up removers, whether it be cleaners, wipes, oils, lotions, etc.. I'm always down to try them out. As much time as I put in to putting on my make-up, I want something quick and easy to take it off.

So when I saw Gosh's Lift Off The Day Makeup Remover Lotion at Shoppers Drug Mart for $10, I decided to pick it up.

I've been using it for a while lately, and here's what I think about it.

The Good:
- Travel friendly - it's 125mL/4.4 fl oz, and it features a safety lock to prevent spillage when travelling
- Priced considerabley, especially for the amout you're getting. (For $10 at SDM, this is one of the cheaper make-up removers that SDM has available)
- Moisturizing (because it's a lotion), but it doesn't leave a greasy film/feeling. It just feels like you just moisturized.

The Bad:
- You'll need a cotton pad or tissue or a wash cloth to use this to put on or take off the remover.
- This makeup remover would probably best to use for removing eye makeup. Unless you had a big cotton pad to go over 2-3 times for face makeup.
-It has this weird plastic smell, but it's not very strong/pungent and I hardly noticed it when I was using it. But if you're sensitive to fragrance, you might find it annoying.

The Ugly:
- I honestly didn't see a difference with using this makeup remover lotion vs. regular lotion.
- As you can tell from the pictures, you'll probably have to go over with a cotton pad 2-3 times to get rid of every trace of the makeup remover lotion and your makeup.
- You do have to tug/yank or work in the lotion to remove makeup like eyeliner or mascara. I found that letting the lotion soak into your eye didn't really help.

All in all, this was a mediocore makeup remover and I wouldn't purchase this again or recommend it. Like I mentioned, I didn't notice a difference between using this or using a regular lotion or moisturizer. You can probably even make a better makeup remover lotion by using a thin runny lotion and adding a couple of drops of baby oil or olive oil and mixing it up.

This is my first experience with Gosh products, but I'm not dissapointed in the brand because I didn't really have high expectations for this product. I've heard good things about their line of make-up so I can't wait to try those next.

I'm currently putting together a bunch of prizes for a make-up contest, but I have no idea what to do. Any ideas? I don't really want to do a giveaway (or maybe I might) but I know I want to do a contest but I'm stumped on ideas.

Till later guys!

By the way, thank you to my old and new suscribers, I know I'm not a very active blogger, but I was shocked when I logged on today and saw 132 followers. Thanks you guys! (:


~Glossifyed said...

This brand is one of the higher end ones at shoppers so that's surprising. I think I'll just stick to good ol' pond's cream to remove eye makeup :P

Halifax said...

Opt for Avon's makeup remover lotion (often on sale for $1). I only use it to remove eye makeup before regular makeup remover for the face. I was curious about the regular makeup remover from Gosh though. Thanks for the review :-)

The Beautifier said...

Hey! nice review, love! I much prefer the olive oil lotion for removing my face and eye makeup xoxo