Friday, December 18, 2009

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

At the beginning of December, I had the opportunity to get tickets to go to the Estee Lauder warehouse sale that was being held in Markham. This was my first time attending this, but I've heard loads of good stuff on Zerin's blog and Specktra.

Anyways, I had tickets for Saturday, and unfortunately I was working that day at 2:00pm. So, my time was crunched. If I ever get the chance to go again (which I definitely do want to) I'll make sure I'm not working so I can actually take my time and look, haha.

My sister and I spent about an hour and a half waiting in line, and then only an hour inside. I didn't get much, but I got enough to suffice. Anyways, here's what I got:

Everything is MAC unless otherwise listed.
- Charged Water (this was the free gift)
- Fix+ Rose
- Painterly p/p
- Perky p/p
- Untitled paint
- 2 Eyes By Design blending brushes
- Cakeshop shadestick
- Silverstroke fluidline
- Femme Fi e/s
- Warming Trend e/s
- Brave New Bronze l/s

These were the $5 charity gift bags where the proceeds went to Breast Cancer research. It included:
- Cheeky Bronze MSF
- On A Mission blush
- Night Maneuvers e/s
- Nice Mix Up l/g

That's everything that I got, not including my sisters haul. It was a little hectic inside, but nothing crazy. I definitely want to go again!


If it comes in pink said...

I would want the pink blush:D

Rai said...

I'm jealous! :( I want Brave New Bronze.

Sofee said...

cool haul!!! I am so mad I missed out on the style warriors collection!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Im so jealous! There are no warehouse sales like that where I live :( Howd you find out about them? x

Neeyuh said...

Wow great haul, you picked up some great stuff!

Thank you for the compliment on my fotd! I have used white eyeliner before but it's hard to get used to for me since I almost always wear black eyeliner.

The Beautifier said...

Hi Arezu! I just stumbled across your blog and I am loving it so far :) xoxo

lindah said...

great buys :D I paid like frickin $28 for brave new bronze online because I was like 2 days too late to buy it in stores! T_T what a waste of money! LOL

Halifax said...

Lucky girl, I love the $5 goodie bags, awesome deal :-)

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

omfg *beyond jealous* lol

yeahh thats y i like cats better. dogs r so much workk but blah i need something to bring with me places lool

Iyah said...

Great haul!! SO jealous!! I wish I can go to those too!! ^_^ It would be nice if they have it around my area.. aahahha!

Clarissa said...

hey girl! great haul... i had tickets for saturday tooo. I was in the line up to get in for atleast an hour tooo and it so cold that day :(

Anyways consider me your new follower..happy new year!