Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Time Baby, I'll Be Bulletproof! + Ardene Eyeshadows

Why are guys so stupid? I went out with this guy earlier this year and after we broke up I kind of just stopped talking to him, and he kept insisting we be friends and what not. Finally after a long time we started talking again (as friends) and I stopped talking to him again, cause he was being all flirty and it just threw me off, and I realized it wasn't worth it. Why am I going to bother being friends with you if you insist on messing with my head? So I blocked him off Facebook, deleted & blocked on MSN, deleted his number, all that.

And thennnnnn, a couple of days ago he calls me randomly and acts like we're best friends. Um, are you oblivious to the fact that I blocked and deleted you - after a SECOND time? Wouldn't you feel stupid? If someone you know stopped talking to you completely after a second time? If it was me, I would have to build up A LOT of nerve and confidence to actually talk to that person again for a third time. Know what I mean?

Then you say, "let's meet up and talk about us." And then WE do go for lunch (which by the way, he 'forgot' his wallet - and I decided to be nice and pay - it was only pizza so it's all good), you're JUST the same? And on top of that, you can't reply to my texts?

Ugh, maybe I deserve that? But you're an idiot, and we can't be friends. You're too egotistic, and you play too many mind games. Seriously, you're like a woman. Maybe that's where you get your nickname from.

ANYWAYS, I had to rant.

The other day I picked up two single eyeshadows from Ardene. I don't remember where, but I read somewhere where someone mentioned getting nice eyeshadow from Ardene. For those who aren't familiar with Ardene, it's a tween clothing/jewellery store. Similar to Claires.

I picked up Be Bronzed & Flirty Plum. They had a promotion going on where you could get two make-up items for $6. Originally they're $4.99 each, which is not that bad. On top of that, I received a discount with my SPC card (I don't remember how much, I think it was 10%). The selection for the single eyeshadows at the location I went to wasn't that good. I think there was 4 eyeshadows. Be Bronzed (which is a gold colour), Flirty Plum (purple), a royal blue colour and a white duocrhome colour.

Left to right: Flirty Plum and Be Bronzed.

I haven't used these shadow's yet, but they're pretty pigmented. I would recommend a good base because these seem like those kind of colours that would dissappear if you blended too much, but for 6 bucks for two, you can't really go wrong. Here are some swatches:

Flirty Plum - it was hard to get a good picture of this shadow, but it's basically a light pinkish purple.

Comparing Ardene's Flirty Plum to Urban Decay's Fishnet. Fishnet is more duochrome, and Flirty Plum is a bit darker with not so much of a duochrome property.

Be Bronzed can also be a nice similar dupe to MAC's Woodwinked. I did take comparison pictures, but I forgot what order I had them in, and my camera phone pictures suck. Hopefully I'll be able to take better pictures tomorrow when my sister gets back with her digi cam. (:

I've been busy with work, and when I come home I'm too lazy too blog, although I do check my dashboard and read new posts. I'm going to be busy with work for the next week, and the week after, but hopefully having a better camera will motivate me to post.

I'll end this post with a picture that I took during my walk through a park. Till later guys. (:


Rai said...

Males are retarded. THE END!

Oooo those shadows are lovely!

Halifax said...

You've been gone for a while :-)

Hope you don't mind me commenting on the guy you talked about. I think guys like some security and come to someone they feel safe with (for shelter or comfort) when other things don't go very well in their life. And when things are good, they take off to pursue whoever they like.

I bought Ardene shadows before for my sis, but didn't use them myself. If they are good, now we know where to get some cheap stuff. Have you tried Claire's makeup yet? I wonder whether they are good.

Krystallia said...

The eyeshadows look great and as for the guy dont even bother,act like u didnt knew him from the beginning,such retarded guys out there,sorry for that :))

XINAR0X said...

I don't think I can ever be "just friends" with an ex or someone who you've been real serious with. It's hard, the relationship changes later and I just can't handle it. It's retarded how they show exs just being friends in movies and tv shows...it's not really possible in real life...But really...I dunno how ppl do it though....I would suggest just to ignore him and he will get the message eventually and life will just goes on.

Those eyeshadows look cool...hope to see a look with it!

lindah said...

I'm glad most of the guys I've dated are totally psycho! haha, most of them I'm actually good friends with and so is my boyfriend and the fact that me & the other guy dated is not even there anymore ^_^ but on the other hand, the people I've dated that aren't cool anymore are the ones that are EGOTISTICAL! I hate them so much and they're so annoying.. lol :) and that a really good eyeshadow find ^_^ I'm trying to stop buying eyeshadows completely now because I'm just not into mac eyeshadows like everyone else is for some reason o_O! Hope you get your dream camera you've always wanted :)

Askmewhats said...

hmm...sad to say, i've got no experiences with ex..I'm one of those who married their first bf :)

ANyways, I LOVE the e/s! the swatches are very pigmented and pretty!

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

omg same shit with my ex! "lets be friends" but wen we talk "i miss you flirt flirt sexy this booty that" lol

those are pretty colors :)

ahh i had trouble working with deep truth. but i will try it with smoke & diamonds it does sound pretty :)

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