Saturday, April 7, 2012

What I Want From You!

One of the main reasons why I started my blog was to have a place where I could post and share things like my FOTD's and be able to chart my progress through the whole beauty domain.

I wanted a place where I could get inspiration and feedback regarding make-up and my make-up looks that I post.

One thing that I wanted to ask my readers is to be able to provide me feedback regarding the things I post on my blog, whether it be my FOTD's, nail posts, or other general stuff I post on my blog.

I wanted to do this quick post to let you guys know that I appreciate and encourage constructive criticisim on my blog. Whether it be stuff like "I would suggest blending out the harsh edges a little bit to get a more seamless look" or..

"I think when you line your waterline with black eyeliner, it looks kind of bare, try adding some colour to your lower lashline?"

I read every comment I get, and I appreciate every one, and I would really appreciate you guys voicing anything you had on your mind.

Obviously, there is a difference between constructive criticism and being rude, and being in the "blogosphere" for a while now, I know that it can be difficult to bring something up without hurting anyone's feelings or stepping on someones toes, but I promise I won't be offended.

Just a quick post, I have a few posts lined up, so I hope to be posting more frequently and often soon. One thing you might not know about me is I hate writing.


lindah said...

Your looks are always flawlessly blended out, what criticism could I give?! D: LOL umm, I know I don't wear color on the bottom lashline because my eyes water majority of the time and I end up rubbing it off anyway so I just don't bother with it now :)

BUT I do enjoy your looks and get excited when I see you've posted a new look ^_^!

Suvarna Gold said...

awesome style

your blog is GOLD!

Donna Dell said...

im so jealous of your eyebrows!!!

Miss Sultana said...

Love the eyeshadow. The colors totally make your eyes POP. :) Follow back hun. I'm a new blogger!